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Outdoor blinds, patio blinds or alfresco blinds have become an excellent way of providing a home or business with shade, weather protection and privacy. In some cases they can even create an extra room for your home. What is important is that you get a good blind system (as there are many products out there) using the best materials available and at a competitive price.

Here at Shade Extreme we can provide you with all of the above. We sell, supply and install three types of blind

  • Budget Cafe style rope and pulley blinds.
  • Zipper Cafe style rope and pulley blinds.
  • Ziptrak (our most popular mechanical ‘spring system’ blind).

The Cafe style rope and pulley blinds are probably the type of blind you would see the most of in the Perth area, usually in cafes and restaurants, hence the name. They are a basic blind that uses external ropes and stainless steel pulleys to lift and lower the blind . The difference between the Zipper and the Budget is that the Zipper has fixed sides using a zip that creates a better seal against the weather while the Budget has free floating edges and is not fixed to the sides. They can both be fabricated using the MESH or CLEAR PVC materials and are the cheaper option of the blinds we sell.

The Ziptrak is a fairly new blind system that has been around for a few years and is fast becoming the most popular blind we sell. It has no ropes or pulleys or zips and is what we like to call a mechanical blind as it uses a hidden spring system to help raise and lower the blind .
We only use the original Ziptrak system and not one of the cheaper copies that are on the market, and it is available in both the MESH or CLEAR PVC materials. It is a little bit more expensive than the rope and pulley blinds as there is a bit more involved in the workings of the blind when compared to the rope and pulley type, but we believe the extra expense is well worth it.

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Outdoor Blind Materials

Shade Extreme uses two manufacturers of blind material, these are HVG (Halifax Vogel Group) and Shann Australia. We have found that the materials they supply work well with both our blind systems.

HVG supply a range of mesh materials, as well as Easislip Flexible PVC. This is a transparent material that is available in a number of tints.

Of the mesh materials HVG offer, we prefer to use the Visiontex Plus range as it is a high tensile polyester/PVC woven mesh using a 2 x 2 heavy gauge yarn that is harder wearing than some other materials. It has superb UV, wind and rain block, and gives you a high shade factor. It is also fire rated to AS1530, has a 5 year warranty against UV degradation and comes in 10 colours for you to choose from. We can also supply the Standard Visiontex Range which is a 2 x 1 gauge yarn that is a slightly lighter material.

The Easislip PVC is a clear transparent material that offers window like vision when looking through it. We sell both the calendered material (two pieces laminated together) which is the most popular, and the premium extruded (single piece of material) which is slightly more expensive. There is no great difference between the two, other than one is softer than the other and offers slightly better vision qualities. The calendered has a number of different tints where as the extruded only comes in the clear. The material offers high UV block with good shade factors, with some materials meeting the fire rated to meet commercial building codes. It also comes with a 3 year UV warranty. Shade Extreme only sells the 1mm thick material and not the 0.5mm or 0.75mm.

Shann Australia was formally Parkinson and Mann, and they supply us with the Atmosphere External Mesh material. It is 27% polyester and 73% PVC 2 x 2 woven mesh that offers up to 90% UV block out. It also offers optimal visibility, is fire resistant to classification M1,B1,B2, NFPA701, is salt water and mildew resistant, has excellent glare, heat and UV reduction properties, and comes with a 5 year warranty. It also has a colour range offering you a choice of 15 colours to choose from.

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Below are some links to the information and colour choice of the materials mentioned above.

Other materials on the market are available upon request if needed.

easislip blinds

Outdoor Blind Colour Chart

VisionTex Plus Colours

visiontex plus

VisionTex Ultra Colours

visiontex ultra

Outdoor Blinds Warranty

Crank Blinds

Shade Extreme will repair any damage due to fair wear and tear for a period of two years from the date of installation.

Our material suppliers have their own warranty conditions for the fabric which covers the material for a 5 year period against UV degradation on mesh and 3 year on PVC.

Any damage due to vandalism or misuse would not be covered in our warranty.

Our blinds are designed to provide you with shade and UV protection and some wind protection but are not designed to provide year round weather protection or to withstand severe weather conditions, and would not be covered by our warranty under such conditions.

If we are fitting to any structure other than ones we have provided we assume that they are of sound build quality. If during the install it becomes obvious that it may not be, we shall contact the client and make them aware of the issue. We shall not continue with the install until we have had written confirmation from the client that it is ok to proceed.

If any changes are required by the client we ask that they be made in writing.

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PVC Blinds

Due to the unstable behaviour of PVC, some blinds can get ripples and dimpling from time to time, this is outside of the manufacturer’s control.

Some rope brand marks may also happen after extended periods of heat (this is dependent on the type of blind you have).

It is recommended that PVC blinds are dropped every 24 to 48 hours to allow them to breathe and for any condensation to evaporate, staining can occur if this is not done.

In accepting the quote and paying the deposit it is understood that you are clear on the conditions above and are confirming the design given at the time of quoting.

All items remain the property of Shade Extreme until final payment is made.

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