Shade Sails for Schools & Childcare Centres

We all know how prone children are to the sun, so now that many Australian school programs are requiring part of kids learning to be outside, this means they will be outside for longer periods of time. The consequence is that it is now even more essential to have a shaded learning area for kids to be in, safe from the sun’s harmful UV.

Benefits of Shade Sails for Kids

Custom Shade Structures are Attractive

A colourful well-designed shade sail structure can be an area kids are down to and stay inside (which is a big benefit to teachers and carers). They not only expand your safe outdoor space but also give a new dimension to the playground. Because the shaded area creates a perceived space allowing teachers to engage the kids on learning without wandering away to other distractions, they focus and engage kids in their activity.

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Lower Temperatures

This might seem obvious, but even when avoiding the sun’s harmful UV rays, you still aren’t fully protected against heat. The higher quality the shade cloth, the lower the ambient temperature underneath. Whilst nothing will lower the temperature like aircon, a decent shade cloth that also allows wind to breeze through can make a huge difference. The difference between comfortable and uncomfortable can be the difference between high-quality and cheap shade cloth.

Good Ventilation

As mentioned above, allowing a cool breeze to flow through can be vital. The overall positioning of your shade structure is crucial to allowing the most ventilation. You will automatically get all the benefits of high UV protection with all the benefits of a breeze lowering the ambient temperature under your shade sails. Side or horizontal areas can be great in certain positions so having a well-designed structure by an experienced company will give you all these benefits.
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High UV Protection

Modern shade cloth is marine-grade high-tech stuff. It is a by-product of the sail cloth industry used in yachting and many other high-grade industrial uses. Our shade cloths can give up to 98% UV protection which is incredible. All this with a decent choice of colours. Warranties are for up to 10 years so that’s a lot of protection for your kids. Cheap alternatives just make no sense.

For the best protection for your school, nursery or childcare centre just get in touch with our experts.