Things to Think About When Buying Shade Sails

If you have Shade Extreme coming to give you a quote for shade sails around the perth area or are thinking of arranging one there is some information below that may help you. If it all sounds too much, don’t worry we’ll be happy to answer all your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask, that’s what we’re here for.

It is a good idea to think about what you need with regards to the area that needs shading before we pay you a visit. Have you seen a shade in your local area that you like the shape of? Has a friend got one? This information is all helpful in helping us understand what you would like and also to make sure you get what you have asked for.

Another thing to think about is the shape of the shade sail in relation to the shade it gives. For example – Triangular shade sails look good, but they don’t always provide as much shade as people expect, so in order to provide a good amount of shade you may need two or three triangles as opposed to a single square shade sail or a rectangular shade sail. One important aspect to consider would be where the sun rises in the morning and goes down in the afternoon; this is vital to the area that needs the sail shades and its placement. Also remember that the sun is more over head in summer than in winter when it is in more of a northerly aspect.

Another thing to think about are the fixings. These are the points that the shade will attach to. Most shades do require posts to be installed in order to cover the area needed; the less posts required, the cheaper the job. Look at the area that needs the shade as there may be other points that we can attach to: – are there any double brick walls? (i.e. house walls and not garden walls as these are generally not reinforced) or colour bond/tile roofs? We can also fit to the fascia board below the gutter.

There are many shade sail designs, shapes, sizes and colours available to you and our consultant will advise you in what would be the best options for your area. While we are there, we will do a plan drawing for you, give you an accurate quote and answer any question you may have.

Shade Sail Materials And Cloths 1
Shade Sail Materials And Cloths 2

Shade Sail Materials and Cloths

Shade Extreme uses three manufacturer’s shade cloth, these are Gale Pacific shade cloth fabrics, Rainbow Fabric’s Z16, Extreme 32 and DriZ, and Polyfab Comm Shade (extra heavy duty) and Architec 400. All these materials offer excellent UV block rates between 92% and 98% depending on the colour chosen. They are made to the highest quality standards and are supported by a 10 to 12 year UV warranty.

Excellent Uv Block Rates

excellent UV block rates

between 92% and 98% depending on the colour chosen

Highest Quality

highest quality

They are made to the highest quality standards



They are supported by a 10 to 12 year UV warranty.

The Benefits

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The Benefits 2

Shade Sail Fixtures and Fittings

The importance of quality shade sail fittings cannot be stressed enough. These hold your shade sail in place and keep it under tension.

The posts are galvanized steel and are supplied to us via Orrcon Steel in Bibra Lake and are manufactured in Australia. On top of the galvanizing we also powder coat the steel to give some added protection from the elements and to make it look more in keeping with the area where the shade is going.

You can have the steel powder coated in most colorbond colours.

Shade Sails Warranty 1

Shade Sails Warranty

Shade Extreme will repair any damage due to fair wear and tear for a period of two years from the date of installation.

Our material suppliers have their own warranty conditions for the fabric which covers the material for a 10 year period against UV degradation.

Any damage due to vandalism or misuse would not be covered in our warranty.

Our shade sails are designed to provide you with shade and UV projection only. They do aid in some wind protection but are not designed to provide year round weather protection, or to withstand severe weather conditions, and would not be covered by our warranty under such conditions. We do recommend that the shades be taken down between the months of May to September/October in the Perth area. Doing this will also increase the life of your shade sail.

Shade Sails Warranty 2

If we are fitting to any structure other than ones we have provided we assume that they are of sound build quality. If during the install it becomes obvious that it may not be, we shall contact the client and make them aware of the issue. We shall not continue with the install until we have had written confirmation from the client that it is ok to proceed.

If any changes are required by the client we ask that they be made in writing.

In accepting the quote and paying the deposit it is understood that you are clear on the conditions above, and are confirming the design given at the time of quoting.

All items remain the property of Shade Extreme until final payment is made.

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