Businesses That Will Benefit From Commercial Shade Sails


Shade sails have many uses, from protecting us from the sun and rain and expanding our outdoor areas to decorative and marketing purposes. Businesses have the unique opportunity to combine all these elements at the same time so let’s take a look at the ways businesses can benefit from shade sails.

Types of Businesses

Any business that has parking, an outdoor area for clients or staff, a large shopfront space with windows, their own gardens or amusement parks and attractions.

  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs and Bars
  • Supermarkets
  • Car Dealerships
  • Children’s Play Areas
  • Office Gardens
  • Hotels
  • Sports Centres
  • Car Parking Areas
  • Factory or Warehouse Forecourts
  • Garden Centres
  • Shows and Events
  • DIY Centres

The list really is endless, but where there is foot or even car traffic then branded shade sails will also contribute to your brand recognition. Larger premises such as car dealers or green centres with their own grounds have more opportunities to exploit shade sails to make their showrooms or factories look more appealing and boost their brand. Shade sails can be used to cover the pavement area, car park, windows or even temporary structures like coffee shops or snack food stands all with your own branding.

Benefits of Shade Sails for Businesses

Apart from providing the usual benefits that go with shade sails, businesses can boost their brand recognition we have seen above, but also:

  • Provide areas for staff
  • Increase your usable space
  • Increase foot traffic
  • Increase your seating capacity
  • Keep customers no matter the weather
  • Appear bigger than your competition
  • Boost turnover & increase profits
  • Increase customer loyalty

The benefits of increased brand awareness alone are plentiful, but there’s also the increased ambience and atmosphere created for restaurants and eateries or businesses that provide their services outside.

Shade Sails for Promotional Spaces

For larger stores like supermarkets, car dealers and DIY centres, it means you can have an outdoor space for temporary promotions or events which can drive more customers and so more revenue.

This ability to have a safe space that holds people means that your business is also more attractive to your suppliers and partners too, knowing they can have events outside your premises without hiring their own marquees etc.

Car Park Shade Sails

If you have customers or co-workers and business partners that visit your premises regularly then parking your car in the shade is always welcoming. But using your corporate colours and/or branding to the sails makes them give a much bigger impact, especially if they are visible from public roads and paths. Even on a business estate they transmit your brand’s power whilst serving a very useful purpose at the same time.

Shade Sails Make Good Business Sense

Modern shade sails come in many colour choices allowing you to utilise your brand’s colours as well as have them branded, so for a free quote on custom business shade sails give our expert team a call today.