Reasons to Invest in Custom Shade Sails


Are you wondering what the benefits of customised shade sails are as opposed to standard off the shelf products? Custom sails might logically seem more expensive, but this is not always the case. Although we have some standard sizes and shapes, the difference between having customised, designed and fitted by professionals is huge. Let’s look at why you should have customised shade sails.

Customised Sails Get a Better Fit

Especially for larger areas, customised shapes (whether they be triangular or square) will be based around where you can have your anchor points to get the shade you desire, rather than having a standard shape and size that will dictate where your anchor points go. This means that your anchor points don’t intrude on your space. You are making the shade for your space, rather than the space fits your shade. The difference is not only in the shade it provides but in the aesthetic of not having anchor points somewhere they don’t need to be.

Increase Your Shaded Area

As mentioned above, a shade sail that has a unique shape will be able to cover more precisely the area you want to be shaded, and likely give you more shade to boot. The ability to get into corners or just go that bit further is possible with a custom shape. Whilst combining standard shapes can achieve the same outcome, this could cost more and you will need more anchor points.

More Choice of Fabric and Colour

There’s no doubt that this will be a deal-breaker for most people. The overall finish, quality and colour will be crucial to most people. Most off the shelf standardised shade sails don’t give you these options. There are just too many shapes, fabrics and colours to keep in stock, so customised shade sails will give you all these choices which will not only affect their performance but make them aesthetically more pleasing. We give our clients an unrivalled choice as we have learnt from experience that these areas are crucial for our customer’s needs.

Guaranteed Results

Using off the shelf products from an online seller or warehouse-type retailer won’t help you avoid all the pitfalls of installation, design, longevity and overall protection from the sun. Whilst we don’t tell you how to have them, working with a professional company you will get advice based on your needs whereas buying off the shelf is a risk as there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid like positioning, wind, anchor points etc. With a customised job, you’re sure to not only get what you want, but they’ll perform better and last a lot longer too. If you’re interested, then get in touch for an obligation free quote and you might be pleasantly surprised.