DIY Shade Sail Installations

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Learn how to install a shade sail yourself. A DIY Shade Sail installation is a budget-friendly for you to install a shade sail. For those who have some basic DIY skills it can be easily done over a weekend. One of your main challenges will often be knowing where to place poles and anchor points to get the best shade possible, Shade Extreme will help you with this by meeting you at the property and discussing your needs and will provide you with a design showing post placement etc. Shade Extreme can supply you with everything you need and with some tools and a few DIY skills you’ll be able to install your own.+

Things to Consider Before Installing a Shade Sail

Location – This may seem obvious, but there’s a bit more to it. You’ll need to consider where you’d like the shade and that the shade shadow will move during the day and as the seasons’ progress. Have a think about what time of day you’re likely to need the shade and where and what you want it to achieve. Also have a think about its height, size, shape, and angles of fall as this will all play a part in getting the most out of your shade sail.

Mounting – You’ll likely be connecting your shade sail in one of 3 ways; Wooden posts, steel posts or the exterior of your property. Each has its merits, but most shade installers prefer using steel posts as they are the strongest and need the least maintenance and can easily change in size to accommodate engineering guidelines. You can attach various anchor points to your property, such as the walls, roofs, and fascia’s although we would suggest getting advice from us first as there are certain engineering guides that need to be met. Buildings will be required to be strong like concrete or brick. Tensions and stresses from wind will be higher than you think so getting the mounting right is vital.

Shape – Most shade sails are square or rectangular as they provide the best shade, but they can be any shape you want within reason as they are all custom made by us at Shade Extreme. You can have multiple shade sails rather than one so you can get a bit more creative with your design.  

Take a look at our gallery for some amazingly creative ideas.

Material – Believe it or not the materials can vary widely offering different levels of performance, environmentally friendly, longevity, weight, colour, light and UV transmission and price etc. In fact, the material will likely be the deciding factor once you know your own unique requirements. There are a great many on offer so you will be sure to get something perfect. Shade sail cloths are cutting-edge materials widely used not only in business but heavy industry so there’s plenty of choice.

Colour – This is probably the easiest part but one which may prove the most difficult due to the range of choice available. Again, your choice of fabric will limit your options somewhat, but if you want some pointers then take a look at this blog to help you choose the perfect shade sail colour.