Get Ready for Summer with a Shade Sail

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Summer is fast approaching, and with Covid 19 restricting our ability to congregate, using our own outdoor spaces has never been so enticing. Not to mention when restrictions fully ease we will all want to gather with our friends and family to make up for lost time, and in summer we’ll likely be outdoors so having some shade will be paramount. Here are some tips to get your garden or outdoor space ready for Perth’s summer.

Shade Sails for Entertaining Areas – Even Small Spaces

For those with even a small outdoor space like a patio, balcony, courtyard or any paved or decked area, you are likely to have a BBQ. Having shade in the cooking and dining area is almost mandatory in summer as it’s where we’ll sit and spend time in one position making it easy to get sunburned.

Even one single simple triangular shade sail can give you a huge amount of protection and they’re easy to install and won’t completely envelop a small space. They can be anchored to two points on the wall and the last one on a fence or pole. using two sails obviously gives you more design options and more shade.

Shade for Your Pool and Play Areas

Most of us know by now that staying in the pool doesn’t save you from the sun, it actually increases the risk of sun damage to the skin, especially to kids whose skin is more susceptible and who are also likely to stay in the pool longer.

Having part of your pool or the surrounding areas shaded will massively help, giving adults a place to sit on chairs or sunbeds without the extreme heat whilst still enjoying the outdoor fun. Shade Extremes range of fabrics can block out up to 99% of the harmful UV and supply over 90% shade. With a huge range of incredible colours, you can transform your pool area in time for summer and all the outdoor fun we have been lacking in this last year.

Are all Shade Sails the Same?

Obviously not, whilst in principle they look simple and that there’s not much difference between them, actually that couldn’t be further than the truth.

The fabric industry is incredibly technology driven and a huge industry as these fabrics are used for massive industrial uses as well as ship sails, tents and parachutes etc.

Here are some of the factors that you should think about when choosing a shade sail:

  • UV Protection Amount
    • Longevity of UV Protection
    • Shade Amount
    • Colour Range
    • Conforms to Australian Standards
    • Overall Lifespan
    • Warranty
    • Installation

Benefits of Our Shade Sails

  • Exceptional UV Protection
    • Custom Fitted
    • Large Areas of Cover
    • Low Maintenance
    • Choice of Fabrics
    • Choice of Colours

Here at Shade Extreme, we have all of this covered, so speak to the experts and get your outdoor area ready for summer now.