Why Rainbow Shade Z16 Is Popular and One Of The Best

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Here at Shade Extreme, we only use 3 different manufacturers for our shade sail cloth; Gale Pacific, Polyfab and Rainbow Shade with the latter’s Z16 range being one of the most popular. Let’s look at a few reasons why…

Incredible Range of Colours

The Z16 has one of the largest colour palettes in the industry making it easy to combine into your properties surroundings or your personal tastes. The Z16 range has 24 colours to choose from, which is pretty big. Some other manufacturers only offer two or three colours to choose from. You can’t make any fabric in any colour, but technological advancements are happening all the time and the Z16 shade sail cloth is at the forefront of this.

10 Year UV Warranty

In its class, the Z16 has an incredibly high UV warranty which is a testament not only to its manufacturing standards but also its high-tech design. The Z16 shade cloth offers up to 99% UV-R sunblock and it adheres to the Australian standard rating system. To get a 10 year warranty against UV breakdown is simply amazing. Whilst the colour dictates the actual amount of UV protection you will get, they are all made with high-quality state of the art manufacturing processes combined with the highest quality polymers and UV stabilisers. This means you will get the longest satisfaction and protection from your investment.

Benefits of Z16 Shade Sail Cloth

  • Z16 shade cloth offers up to 99% UV-R sunblock and it adheres to the Australian standard rating system
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Lightweight weighing only 200GSM
  • High tensile strength means it will resist sagging
  • Been rigorously tested for UV-R block, extreme weather conditions like hail and fire safety
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty
  • Offers safe filtered light transmission
  • You can choose from 24 stunning colours and pick a size and shape to cover any area you need

High Tensile Strength

Another reason why Z16 is so popular is that it covers a wide range of applications due to its strength. It’s exceptionally strong for its price making it great in the wind. It’s also fire retardant so it performs well technically for many scenarios. Most of this is invisible to the owner but you’ll be grateful for these factors when you’re still enjoying the same shade performance for many years to come.

Other Z16 Benefits

  • Fire Rated Fabric
  • Hail Resistance
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Safe Filtered Light Transmission
  • Easy Care and Maintenance
  • Great Heat and Glare Reduction
  • Prove Durability and Longevity

Whilst there is a good reason to choose almost any of our shade sail cloths for any specific reason depending on your need, it’s easy to see why Rainbow Shades Z16 is a fantastic all-rounder making it very popular.