Shade Sail Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements

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Shade sails are very low maintenance, but once in a while they may suffer from storm damage, general long-term ageing, debris build up and occasionally ground movement affecting their foundations. Sometimes the hardware fitting such as D rings, shackles and the turnbuckles can get broken or stretched, or can corrode if left over a long period time unattended. If you have never cleaned your sails they can get dirty and this doesn’t blow off or get washed away by rain, and over time this can lead to mould and mildew building up on the shades which can sometimes smell or rot the thread or material, all of these issues are rectifiable with minor repairs or just general maintenance.

Tips on Maintenance and Cleaning

Remove Debris: Try to do this regularly. Don’t allow leaves and other organic matter (like bird droppings) to build up. Like anything else, you’re only making it harder to deal with if left for later. Use a nylon broom or a light pressure hose every now and again and they will stay in tip top condition.

Correct Tension: If your shade sail is flapping it may be need tightening at one or more of its corners. If it is loose this means more movement and wear and tear which can lead to problems which may not be covered by our warranty. This is easy to spot and fix so just keep an eye out for it when it’s windy.

Storms and High Winds: When you have a storm warning, bring your shade sails down for safety’s sake. It’s very possible that during heavy storms the wind and rain can damage them by stretching them beyond their intended limits. They won’t help or protect you in a storm anyway and will only require cleaning or possibly will need to be repaired, so just take them down during a storm. We do recommend that they be removed where possible for the winter months to avoid the bad weather. Please remember they are shade sails not weather blockers.

Cleaning Your Sails: You can do this with the sails up or down depending on how much cleaning they need. Always do this on a nice hot sunny day so it can dry fully without risk of mould and mildew. Be careful with a pressure washer if your sail is old or not tensioned correctly. Do not use harsh cleaning agents or solvents as well as only using soft bristled brushes. Abrasive brushes and chemicals can harm your sail so try to use mild Ph neutral cleaners and rinse well.

Ask Shade Extreme to Maintain your Shade Sails

If you need us to carry out any maintenance, then give us a call. We carry most spare parts and can give your home or businesses sails a proper check and carry out any repairs necessary as well as give you advice on how to keep them perfect for years to come. In some cases we can even re stitch very old or worn sails.

Here at Shade Extreme all our shade sails are designed for the Aussie climate and come with a 10-year manufactures UV warranty on the material.