Why Pool Shade Sails are so Important

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We know that custom made shade sails provide a lot of protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but over a pool there are some other extra benefits you may not be aware of.

Shade sails that cover a pool become even more important during the hotter months as the swimming pool is the one place you are likely to spend more time staying cooler, play with the kids, entertaining friends etc whilst maybe forgetting how much damage the sun could be doing due to the cooling effects of the pool. Having high-quality custom-made shade sails positioned correctly to provide as much shade as possible over the warmer seasons here in Perth can be very beneficial. The shade sails don’t need to cover the whole pool, but should provide an area of shade over the pool so you can enjoy spending more time in it while not worrying about sunburn etc.

Shade sails can also provide areas of shade around the edges of the pool so there is no need to drag or position a small umbrella several times whilst relaxing. Pool shade sails can provide enough cover for not just sunbathing, but outdoor games areas, outside gym equipment, barbecues and eating areas

Extra Benefits of Having Pool Shade Sails

Less Debris & Cleaning

Your shade sail can also help stop leaves and other debris falling into your pool which can reduce cleaning and filtering times, because if left, you may already know that all organic debris rots and so upsets the chemical balance of the pool leading to all sorts of other issues. Whilst a well-positioned shade sail won’t stop everything, they certainly can help to reduce this issue.

Reduce Pool Cost

As mentioned above, well positioned shade sails can not only shade any area of your pool, but can also help reduce the pool temperatures if your pool is getting too hot in full sun. The knock-on effect of this is fewer chemicals are used which in turn would mean your pumps and filters won’t need to work as hard, and all of this will reduce your running cost.

Other Benefits of Custom-Made Shade Sail

Shade sails that are custom made and fitted by someone that understands how shade sails work and can benefit an area, can make a huge difference to your pool and its surrounds. Shade sails also require little to no maintenance as well as being exceptionally durable, all we really ask is to remove it in severe weather and give a clean every now and then. So, it’s no surprise then that shade sails are used so widely around pools not only domestically, but commercially too. There is also a great choice of options when it comes to not only colours, but also the choice of fabric, shape, and ways to mount them.

  • Exceptional UV Protection
  • Custom Fitted
  • Large Areas of Cover
  • Low Maintenance
  • Choice of Fabrics
  • Choice of Colours

Here at Shade Extreme, all our shade sails are designed for the Aussie climate. All our shade cloth comes with a minimum 10-year manufactures warranty against UV degradation.