Things to Consider When Buying Shade Sails

The Benefits 2

Buying a single shade sail can be pretty simple and easy, but buying multiple shade sails for larger areas has more options and things to consider. We all know the benefits of shade sails but when you have a large outdoor area or a business then things become a bit more complicated. Here are some tips on choosing the right shade sails for your situation.


This is an important thing to consider as the installation will not only be a key factor with how your shade sails perform, but also how they look. There are two things to consider here, whether you are going to install them yourself or whether you are going to get your shade sail supplier to do it, and the right type of anchor points. If you haven’t factored in weight, stresses, wind and the way to anchor them and if those anchor points are even possible then you may run into problems. You will get expert advice on DIY installation from Shade Extreme, and having a team of experts liaise with you and install your design will make sure it not only performs perfectly but looks good too for years to come.

Shape and Size

Shade Sails come in any shape from triangle right up to multi-sided irregular custom shapes made to measure. Most people will usually use a majority of triangular and four-sided (square and rectangular) shapes but there is more to just the aesthetics. The more sides, the more anchor points. Then there is size, which again has a knock-on effect on the anchor points for large sizes as they will get more buffeted by the wind and again need strong anchors. Most people are only thinking of the shade they provide but these other factors should be considered. Overlapping with multiple shades using the same anchor point instead of one big shade is often more effective and better looking.

Wind Exposure

Many of Australia’s coasts get buffeted by storms and high winds so this must be considered. The larger the shade the more wind it can capture, but often it will be because of the angle or position of the shade. A few small adjustments in height and angle can make a huge difference to how much wind it captures. All shade sails mounted by our expert installation team will have factored this in, but make sure you do too.

Permanent or Semi-Permanent?

A lot of businesses and homeowners like to take them down during the winter months to allow more light amongst other reasons. This affects how they are mounted and will also affect the cloth choice as they will be heavier and need a bit more effort to move. The majority of owners have permanent shade sails but it’s not a prerequisite.

If you have any questions on how to choose your shade sail set up, then please give us a call on 0419 604966.