Why Your Restaurant Needs Shade Sails

Shade Sail13

Shade sails obviously have many uses, but looking beyond what it does practically and how it could help your business could not only be beneficial to your customers, but also more profitable to your business. Let’s take a look at how shade sails can help restaurants and cafes that have outdoor spaces.

Boost Income

If you have one or more outdoor areas with seating, then shade sails can pay for themselves very quickly. If your outdoor areas aren’t covered or only partially covered then in extreme weather (not only sun, but rain too) then you will lose potential customers who want to avoid the heat and sit inside if you’re full. Well designed and installed shade sails will obviously solve this problem. Better still, if you have an outdoor area that you don’t use presently then covering it with shade will boost your seating capacity. Just make sure your kitchen can cope with the higher number of orders!

Attract More Foot Traffic

Because shade sails come in all shapes, sizes and colours, they can be used very effectively as a somewhat cool attraction when visible from the road. You’re telling everyone that this is a comfortable space to be in, that’s designed for you, not just a thoughtless outdoor area. This is especially true for coffee shops that have a particular “digital nomad” type of customer who likes to spend time at a location with Wi-Fi using their laptops and devices but not being cooped up inside. Shade sails are attractive and attract people. Simple.

Give Your Business a New Space

You don’t just need to eat or drink under shade sails, they also help transform a space that can be used for a variety of events! Parties that have live music, DJ’s or just the businesses own sound system can now be used separately outside, making it a different space from the indoor dining area. This allows your restaurant or cafe to increase its range of entertainment, which in turn increases revenue. No more worries about equipment not being protected in a light shower or all your customers trying to run inside when there’s no room.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Another great aspect of shade sails for businesses is the fact that they can be customised with your company’s name and logo, as well as your brand colours. This again attracts more traffic and also says that you are a step up from your competition in what you offer. Your restaurant or cafe will be remembered by name rather than location. Everyone in any form of marketing knows brand awareness creates trust, so build your restaurants reputation by customising your shade sails.